DIRTYPOPFOXSLUT  - Solo Concert by Sirje Aleksandra Viise
20:30 Uhr, Tues., 27. September 2016
Unerhörte Musik
Mehringdamm 34, 10961 Berlin

DIRTYPOPFOXSLUT is a performance, a concert, is rock, pop, punk!
DIRTYPOPFOXSLUT is a recital for solo performer with music by Neuwirth, Globokar, Kreuser, Cage, Steen-Andersen, & Schubert
Women perform, at home, at the office, on the stage, a stereotypical modern femininity.
Instigator/Revolutionary, Young Girl, Housewife, Diva, Career Bitch, and Sex Object… these are roles the female voice inhabits, whether willingly or subconsciously, based on the
biases within and without her. Whatever suits the situation before her.
These are unstable illusions, temporary grotesque masks, none reflecting the full truth of a person. Nevertheless, entire careers, relationships, even lifetimes are staged around the principles of these stereotypes. Vixen, whore, virgin, goddess, boy… Who is the singer and who is the product? She is whoever you need her to be.

I will start off with confrontation.
I will track the alleged power of woman from the mental to the corporeal.
I will tread the furthest edge of insecurity and domesticity before breakdown.
I will go inward.
I will give in to the stereotypes.
I will turn myself into the canvas.
I will capitalize on myself.
I will become your object of desire.
I will pull the strings with just a gesture to make all the world revolve around me.
I will haunt you. I will stalk you.
I will be your worst nightmare.
I will deliver what you didn’t ask for.


OLGA NEUWIRTH - Nova/Minraud - for solo voice and fixed media
VINKO GLOBOKAR - Jenseits der Sicherheit  - for solo voice
TIMO KREUSER - Homework No.1: kitchen [UA] for solo voice, copycat, video, live electronics
JOHN CAGE - Aria with Fontana Mix  - for solo voice and tape
SIMON STEEN-ANDERSEN - Difficulties Putting It Into Practice  - new version for performer and prerecorded video (virtual duo)
ALEXANDER SCHUBERT - Your Fox’s, A Dirty Gold  - for solo voice, motion sensors, e-guitar and live electronics